About ANCA Foods

ANCA Foods began as ANCA Farm Fresh Chicken in 1992. It was started with limited capital and four staff members. Sales were conducted on a cash basis with the majority of product being transported live into the Transkei.

In 1995 a dairy located in Stutterheim was converted into a very simple labour intensive abattoir and from these beginnings ANCA flourished and grew to the business that it is today.

Production has grown exponentially and the ANCA Foods family now has in excess of 500 members, most of which come from the local community.

ANCA Foods distributes throughout the Eastern Cape as well as the South Western Districts. ANCA Foods also produces various in house brands for major supermarket chains.

Most of the growing facilities have curtain walled sides which are opened after the brooding period to ensure that our birds enjoy enough sunshine, light and fresh air.