Winner winner, chicken dinner!

Winner winner, chicken dinner!

By Nadia Janse van Vuuren — 03 March 2015

The focus on low fat consumption has held our collective attention for a few decades now - most everything is available in a low fat version and the health conscious swear by cutting all the fat from your diet.

Fat, along with protein, is a macronutrient which is essential for the body's functioning.  The human brain is made largely of fat and a diet rich in healthy fats has been proven to improve concentration and alertness.

Recently, Prof Tim Noakes popularised the low carb, high fat (or Banting) diet as the true healthy alternative to our current overly processed diets - especially perfect for those with insulin resistance or diabetes, or simply looking to shed a few kilograms.  This diet turns the traditional food pyramid on its head and has been highly controversial.  Naysayers argue that a high fat intake is unhealthy, whilst dedicated "Banters"have found great success on a high fat, moderate protein and low carbohydrate eating plan.  Fat and protein promote satiation, leaving one comfortably full and free from cravings for hours.  As the rationale for this diet goes, by drastically reducing one's sugar intake (a maximum intake of 50g net carbs per day), the body converts existing bodyfat into ketones in the liver, thus entering a state of ketosis.  In simple terms - depriving the body of sugar ensures that the body burns its fat stores for fuel.

Chicken is a wonderful choice when Banting. Select cuts which are naturally higher in fat, like our juicy filleted thighs, which melt in your mouth and have enough protein and fat to keep you satisfied for hours.  Leaner cuts like our Premium chicken breast are also perfect Banting choices when prepared with healthy fats, like butter or nut oils.  Pan fried chicken breast with lemon butter, for example, would be a mouth watering option.  

Go ahead, try the Banting way with ANCA - you won't believe how tasty it is!