ANCA Foods

The Taste of the Eastern Cape

Healthy and Humane farming
-Our chickens are bred and looked after with care to provide the wholesome taste for which we are famous. The taste of the Eastern Cape.
-Our farms are humanely run and adhere to strict animal welfare standards. We submit to regular inspections by qualified vets to ensure that our farms meet international standards
-Our barns are spacious and bedded with natural pine shavings sourced from a local sawmill. This provides a natural, low stress environment for our chickens. 
-Our farm managers are required to be on site at all times to ensure that all birds have access to food and water all the time. 
-Our feed‚Äč is locally produced in the Eastern Cape and contains no antibiotics and no hormones, only natural grains and pulses with added vitamins and minerals to keep our birds healthy and strong.

You can taste the difference in a well fed, stress free chicken. That’s the taste of the Eastern Cape!